The Human Venture Library

The Human Venture community is dedicated to the ongoing identification and collection of resources that point to the leading edge of human and social development. The resources cover various fields of endeavour, times in history, authors and pioneer leaders. Here is a small selection of books from our library.

Recommended Reading

These curated book lists, from the Human Venture Institute library, are a small representation of the breadth and depth of cultural resources that the Human Venture community is drawing on. The book lists are meant to support a self-guided exploration into Human Learning Ecology. This path is available to anyone, as long as you are willing to search through history and current events. Through thoughtful, caring and determined discipline one can discover patterns of progress and resistance in human and social development.

Book Reviews

What makes these book significant? Why would they be worth reading? We've put together reviews of some of the books we have been paying attention to lately and why you might want them on your reading list. See all of our book reviews here.

Online Book Club

Discuss engaging books that help us to understand history, current events and Human Learning Ecology.  Explore useful resources that help us understand the human situation and human learning. Hosted by Laura Kennett and Lisa Amonson.  

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Book Lists

Over the years, the Human Venture has shared many book lists with program participants and alumni. Here is a collection of book lists published publicly. These books also appear in our library collection captured in the Human Venture Library above.

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