Human Venture Associates

Associates have a deep caring and concern for the future of life & humanity and are committed to better understanding  systemic adaptive personal and societal transformation.

The Human Venture Associate is one role in an ecology of roles that makes up the Human Venture Community.  Associates guide, develop and maintain quality standards in the ongoing exploration, and mapping of Human Learning Ecology. They are members of a pioneering mutual learning community, supporting each other, creating new initiatives and resources, and sharing their discoveries in regularly scheduled check in calls, Associate programs, and retreats. Visit Programs for more information about programming details.

Attributes of HV Associates
  1. HV Associates will have a deep caring and concern for the future of life & humanity, and a strong desire to reduce ignorance and error, waste, suffering and injustice wherever it occurs.
  2. This caring and concern is constructed and demonstrated by a willingness to invest significant levels of one’s life resources in the learning and the work.
  3. HV Associates will have a strong desire to help others understand the growing perils in the human and life situations and the need for systemic adaptive personal and societal transformation.
  4. HV Associates will have a fundamental, growing understanding of the origins, development, significance and applications of human learning ecology and the human venture framework.  
  5. HV Associates will have a fundamental, growing understanding of the foundational constructs of the meta-framework.
  6. HV Associates will be increasingly able and willing to engage in and support different types and levels of pioneering initiatives.

A primary role of associates is to support the growth and development of networked HV learning communities, extending the work, and structuring it so that it carries on beyond our lifetimes.

Eligibility for HV Associate

Selection of HV Associates is a collaborative effort between the HVI Board and fellow Associates. All alumni of Human Venture Leadership programs are welcome to become a member of the Associates group. Becoming an Associate is based on both self-authorization and an acceptance process. HV Associates can recommend alumni to be considered while HVL alumni may state their interest personally.

Interested alumni are asked to review the Associate description and key commitments and decide if they meet the qualifications. Additional information about the HV Associate role is available by request.

Candidate Associates will state their interest to a member of the Associate group or send an email to They will be connected to a HVI board member who will arrange a conversation/interview with a selection team to confirm the level of preparation and commitment required of Associates.

Acceptance as a HV Associate gives access to Associate specific programming and mutual learning community.

Click here for a current list of HV Board Members and Associates