You can’t lead if you don’t know where you are going, and you can’t lead with wisdom unless you understand what real human progress is, and what it isn’t.

Systemic-Adaptive Capacities

What we’re really hurting for at this point in history are leaders with insight, foresight and wide-sight – the kinds of leaders that can help us identify and prepare for the most significant threats and opportunities coming our way (especially those challenges that most of us don’t see, understand, or care about yet). This is essentially the function of leadership. Systemic-adaptive learning is critical to helping groups and communities move forward in increasingly effective ways.

Leaders serve to guide, strengthen and extend a group’s capacity to effectively respond to existing and emerging opportunities and threats.

While systemic-adaptive capacities such as strategy, innovation, systems thinking, resilience, and ethical capacity are highly valued in our society, they are in limited supply. Human Venture Leadership helps participants to begin the process of developing these capacities, providing the maps, tools, and ongoing support for a life-long learning journey. By strengthening the capacity of leaders to learn, think, care and act in systemic-adaptive ways, we strengthen the capacity of organizations and communities to meet the most significant challenges and opportunities facing them.

2021 – 2022 Programming

We’ve put together a diverse offering of engagements for our program alumni starting this fall  to deepen your understanding of the Human Venture meta framework. These sessions will introduce you to new explorations in the meta framework, provide insightful interpretations of historical and current events, create space to discuss practical applications of this work and expose you to helpful books and resources.

We’re excited to continue to offer a place to discuss how we navigate and prepare for the challenges facing us as individuals, communities, institutions, a society and a species. We have much work to do and we sincerely hope you’ll join us. To inquire more about any of these opportunities contact us.


Weekly Community Calls

Join us every Friday us for an online discussion on converging societal challenges. Share your insights and hear from others on how concepts from Human Learning Ecology can help us to interpret what is going on and what we can do about it.

 Visit the HV Portal for details. Don’t have access to the portal? Contact us.


Online Book Club

Discuss engaging books that help us to understand history, current events and Human Learning Ecology.  Explore useful resources that help us understand the human situation and human learning. Hosted by Laura Kennett and Lisa Amonson.  

Learn more here.


Associates Program

This year the Associates Program asks the question, “How do we take the idea of Human Learning Ecology out to the world?”. This year, Human Venture Associates will explore the structure and function of frameworks, how they are used, and how they were introduced into the broader culture.

For more information about the Associates Program, contact us.


Map Book Learning Circle

Dig into the concepts and maps of the Human Learning Ecology Meta Framework with hosts Mark Hopkins and Sami Berger. Work through case studies and examples to improve your understanding and ability to apply the concepts.

Learn more here.


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