Info Night: Pathfinders Re-ignite!

Dana PenriceEvent, Updates, Workshops

When: October 4th, 2022 at 7:00 pm MDT Where: Online. (You must register to receive the zoom link). What: Join us to learn about the 2022-2023 Pathfinder Program and why it is a good fit for you. Bring your questions and hear from fellow participants and what motivates them to continue their Human Venture learning. Sign up and full details … Read More

2022-2023 Online Book Club

Natalie MuyresEvent, Workshops

We are offering online book clubs hosted by Lisa Amonson and Laura Kennett. Books clubs are open to all alumni of Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton, Introduction to Human Venture Leadership, and Integrity Leadership, and their guests. An hour will be focused on the recommended reading and 30 minutes will be dedicated to talking about any promising resources people have found … Read More

Human Venture Map Book Learning Circle

Natalie MuyresEvent, Workshops

We welcome everyone to join for a Map Book Learning Circle hosted by Mark Hopkins and Sami Berger Explore different maps in the Human Venture and Pioneer Leadership Map Book and apply concepts to your life and the world around you. Check out the online discussion around this event and topic on this portal thread. This event will take place … Read More

U.S. Election Workshop

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Whether you have been closely following what’s happening for our neighbours in the south, or just catching a glance here and there (perhaps followed by a cringe), this workshop is for you. In pre- and post-election workshops, we will take a Human Learning Ecology approach to exploring what has led up to this moment in time and what could be … Read More

Human Venture Parenting

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HVI Parenting Community Check-in Come. Share your struggles. Share your joys. Hear other community members in their own journey of meaning making through parenting or supporting children. Whether parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, teacher, nanny, babysitter we wanted to provide a space to connect, and build a community of support for HVI community members involved in any kind of relationship with … Read More

Error Inquiry Program

Dana PenriceEvent, Updates, Workshops

“The predominant mode of treating this topic [error] is to consider the human as a hazard, a system component whose unsafe acts are implicated in the majority of catastrophic breakdowns. But there is another perspective, one that has been relatively little studied in its own right, and that is the human as a hero, a system element whose adaptations and … Read More

The Meta Framework at Work Program

Dana PenriceEvent, Workshops

Join us! We’re always accepting new participants! It’s an open learning circle for alumni. Join Nat Muyres and Blythe Butler for an opportunity to explore and support real-time integration of the meta-framework in organizational settings. Regardless of industry or sector, we can all draw on our individual experiences as well as case studies to explore meta-framework concepts. These sessions are … Read More

Personal Essential Story Workshop

Anna-Marie AshtonEvent, Updates, Workshops

Dec 28 & Jan 4: Personal Essential Story Workshop An essential story is the essence or driving¬†force that shapes our lives and helps us find our direction when things become difficult or uncertain. Whatever our situation, nothing is as important to our future than creating an active, positive life story. Hero or victim, leader or follower, it is up to … Read More