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HVI Parenting Community Check-in

Come. Share your struggles. Share your joys. Hear other community members in their own journey of meaning making through parenting or supporting children.

Whether parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, teacher, nanny, babysitter we wanted to provide a space to connect, and build a community of support for HVI community members involved in any kind of relationship with supporting the growth and development of little humans. 

Kim Rowe and Lindsay Mitchell will act as community hosts.

September 30 @ 8:30 MDT
October 21 @ 8:30 MDT
November 18 @ 8:30 MDT
December 16 @ 8:30 MDT

Parenting & Education Conversation

Feeling overwhelmed to be finding yourself suddenly homeschooling this year? Can’t catch a break as your child is sent home from school again with a basic cold? Uncertain about how these times are effecting the children in your life and what you can do about it? Then please consider accepting this open invitation to discuss how schooling, education, and learning with little humans is and may go this year.

Join us from where ever you are to share your thoughts, struggles and supports. This is an opportunity to come together to support in community as we navigate these uncertain times.  All levels of experience and relationship to children & education welcome. 

Saturday, September 26 from 10:00 – 12:00 MDT

Intro: Parenting with the Tools of Wisdom and Judgement

Being a part of raising wise humans is a daunting and overwhelming task. At HVI we believe the framework can help us all navigate through this role, and in particular are offering to explore the tools of wisdom and judgement as a helpful guide for the task. Join us for this intro session to learn more about about how the tools can help, and what the program offering will look like. What does truth look like for raising kids in the time of Trump? How do we build compassion in the era of active Black Lives Matter?  How can broad horizons of caring help navigate a global pandemic?

Watch for additional information over the coming month to learn more about the full program offering. Deep dives into some of the TWJ will be monthly, sessions will be live, and recordings will be available to absorb on your own schedule. 

Saturday, October 24 from 10:00 – 12:00 MDT

These event will take place on Zoom. Login information and details can be found on the HV Portal Calendar. Don’t have access to the portal? Contact us.

Contact, or with any questions, thoughts or feedback about these offerings.