Existential Resilience Online Workshop for Alumni

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Human Venture learning requires an ability to draw on the totality of the human story. In order to learn how to reduce waste, suffering and injustice we have to investigate how and why they happen. Like detectives, trauma surgeons and accident investigators we have to be able face realities that are often brutal and depressing. These days the realities of the human condition cause many people to choose denial and avoidance for their own peace of mind, or shield themselves with cynicism, alienation or fatalism.

The ignorance that creates waste, suffering and injustice cannot be reduced by turning away. The pursuit of wisdom requires a commitment to become increasingly aware. Awareness is hazardous for the unprepared.  To be prepared requires existential resilience or the ability to continue one’s life journey despite significant adaptive shocks.

In this session we’ll explore how higher order of oversight & control supports trauma resilience, adaptive meaning making and the capacities we need to be building for both self-care and the care of others on the frontiers of the human venture.

This online workshop is an experiment to see how Human Venture Leadership can use distance learning technology to support learning and development in more accessible ways for increasing numbers of people. The sessions will be interactive, seminar style. Ken Low will facilitate, present and guide discussions. Participants will interact with each other and with Ken.

Our goal is to help you develop more confidence in using and interpreting existing maps and resources, and to connect you to sources of inspiration and reflection.

Prerequisite: Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton, Introduction to Human Venture Leadership or Integrity Leadership

Cost: $100


Email info@humanventure.com to reserve your spot.


Existential Resilience consists of two online sessions at 2.5 hours each, 3 weeks apart. The gap between sessions provides opportunity for reflection, further reading, map study and exploration. The second online session will build on and consolidate the learning from the first session,

Session 1: Thursday, July 27 from 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Session 2: Thursday, Aug 17 from 6:30 – 9 pm

Technical Requirements

You require a computer with a built in camera (or external webcam) and speaker/mic capability (or an external speaker/mic device) to participate fully in this session.

We will be using Zoom to host this online workshop. On the day of the session, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom session for the workshop, and instructions for using it during the session.