Kid Power! by Elizabeth Dozois

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In response to multiple requests from the Human Venture community, Elizabeth Dozois has published a kids’ book! 

Kid Power! features our community’s own Ken Low, and is loosely based on his experiences with the Can Do program, where he developed high-impact learning activities for kids. Ken had such a charming way of bringing out kids’ curiosity for the way things work which Elizabeth and the illustrator, Elizabeth’s brother Stephen Dozois, capture so well.

Kid Power! is the story of how a group of kindergarten kids comes together to lift a massive boulder in their school yard with one hand. It follows their path of discovery about mechanical advantage, the power of creativity and the power of cooperation. Elizabeth was recently featured on the CTV Morning Show.

If you want to get kids (and adults) excited about learning and human ingenuity, you can purchase a book and help Elizabeth to share it with others.

1. Buy the book! You can get your copies:

2. Write a review – It would be especially helpful if you could write a review on Amazon or Friesenpress once you’ve seen the book – this helps to drive traffic to the book.

3. Share the book among your networks – It would be SO helpful if you could help promote the book through your friends and family, and social media.

4. Help Elizabeth to get the book into local bookstores – If you have connections with local booksellers, please help to connect them to Elizabeth and/or ask them whether they would accept some copies on consignment.