Personal Essential Story Workshop

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Dec 28 & Jan 4: Personal Essential Story Workshop An essential story is the essence or driving force that shapes our lives and helps us find our direction when things become difficult or uncertain. Whatever our situation, nothing is as important to our future than creating an active, positive life story. Hero or victim, leader or follower, it is up to … Read More

Existential Resilience Online Workshop for Alumni

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Human Venture learning requires an ability to draw on the totality of the human story. In order to learn how to reduce waste, suffering and injustice we have to investigate how and why they happen. Like detectives, trauma surgeons and accident investigators we have to be able face realities that are often brutal and depressing. These days the realities of … Read More

Life Ranging Kids Online Workshop for Alumni

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What kind of challenges will the next generations face, and how can we equip them to respond wisely? Human Venture approaches to constructing and reconstructing education, schooling & parenting show that our ability to think, care and learn in increasingly disciplined ways can transcend the limitations of existing harmful conventions and cultural practices. In this workshop, we will use resources … Read More

Sept 14: Edmonton, AB – Documentary Night for Edmonton Alumni – “Requiem for the American Dream”

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Human Venture Leadership is calling on all Leadership Edmonton alumni from across the program years to join us for a casual documentary viewing, overview of the newly founded Human Venture Institute and recently launched, all preceded and followed by a mixing and matching of thoughts and perspectives. Reconnect and rejoin with an intellectually stimulating group of people! When: Wednesday, … Read More

Sept 12: Calgary, AB – Info Session for Human Venture Leadership

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Who should attend: If you are interested in then our upcoming workshop may be of interest to you. Come and hear about what we will cover in the 5-Day Introduction to Human Venture Leadership Workshop. When: September 12th, 2016 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm Location: Calgary Reads (105 12 Ave SE, Calgary, AB) What: Learn about our the resources we draw on … Read More