Alumni Profile – Sami Berger

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What are the most significant engagements in your life, and why are they meaningful to you? My most significant engagements:  Make me feel a sense of wonder or connection to the planet. Most of this happens through travelling, being close to nature, and observing animals in the wild.  Show me how little I know about most things. This often happens … Read More

Alumni Profile – Nick Kalogirou

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1. What are the most significant engagements in your life, and why are they meaningful to you? I have been lucky in my life to be part of a close, caring, mutual support community. Especially over the last 10 years, this community has given me the opportunity to consistently strive across many domains. The close relationships around me have both … Read More

Winter Solstice Message 2018

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by Ken Low The winter solstice is upon us, or more accurately, we’ve arrived at the solstice once again. The winter solstice is the point when the changing elevation of the noonday sun stops its downward course, appears to pause then begins to climb again. The change occurs slowly – almost imperceptibly – at first, then picks up speed. As … Read More

Poetry from Another Part of the Capitalist Machine

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by Anonymous This is a collection of poems from someone named Xu Lizhi. He was a Chinese migrant worker who worked at Foxconn corporation.  Foxconn is one of the pillars of our western society. It manufactures many of our smart phones, computers, monitors, televisions, videogame systems, and other electronics. A lot of the high tech stuff that we personally value, and that … Read More

Solstice Celebration

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The winter solstice season is a time to break from routine and reconnect with family, friends, nature and self.  It is also a time to reflect on the gift of being alive and human, and the responsibilities that come with that gift. Celebrate this special time with the Human Venture community. Your $40 ticket includes drinks, charcuterie, and a $25 … Read More

Holiday Shopping Night on Nov 28

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Attention holiday shoppers! If you’d like to give meaningful experiences to the explorers on your shopping list, consider giving books. At all ages, books stir our imaginations and consciences, helping us learn more about being alive and human. The holidays can be a perfect time to catch up on reading. To receive the gift of a book – and to have the … Read More

On Either Side of Memory

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by Ken Low Memory is a critically important part of adaptive intelligence. The function of memory is to record and store relevant aspects of experience and observation, providing the material out of which we construct the lessons that guide our actions and further learning. Some lessons come almost automatically, like not touching a hot stove, some require a mentor or … Read More

Inoculating Ourselves Against Ignorance

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Inoculating Ourselves Against Ignorance by Natalie Muyres We recently kicked off our ninth Human Venture Leadership Alumni Program. The Alumni Program provides us an opportunity to support each other’s learning, and work harder toinoculate ourselves against ignorance. Like our immune systems need exposure to viruses to create antibodies, our community requires ongoing exposure to a steady diet of significant life … Read More

Community Profile: Amanda Hall

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Amanda Hall is an alumna of the Leadership Calgary program. She is one of six finalists competing for a million-dollar Women in Cleantech prize. 1. What are the most significant engagements in your life, and why are they meaningful? Balance is important, and so the most significant engagements in my life are spread out between my family/friends, my company, my health and … Read More

Graduation Address to the Class of 2018 at Queen Elizabeth High

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To the class of Queen Elizabeth High, the teachers and parents assembled here, congratulations! I very much appreciate you having me, a humble filmmaker, share some of my observations of life. I, too, am in the midst of a transition both exciting and terrifying. Three months ago my son was born five weeks premature but luckily with a strong set … Read More