Thank you to our volunteers

Natalie MuyresUpdates

by Laura Kennet

Did you know… Human Venture is supported by a team of volunteers?

Did you know… Further explorations into human learning ecology and development of resources that are shared with the community are undertaken by volunteer Associates who draw on the Human Venture framework in an effort to think, see, and care differently?

Did you know… By reading this newsletter and sharing the patterns that you observe around you, that you are contributing to a mutual learning community?

This is a shout out to all the volunteers and the families and friends who provide support to the volunteers for keeping the purpose of the Human Venture alive.  It is work that requires many skills from book keeping, to pattern searching, to minute-taking, to story-telling, to herding cats, to mental gymnastics! 

As many in this community have experienced being at the leading edge of pioneering efforts, along with all the support required in the background, is not easy when we all have other duties such as keeping food on our tables, raising children, caring for elders, honing our skills in various trades, and taking care of ourselves.  Kudos to the volunteers and all those who contribute to this community through sharing explorations and making donations.  Even though the organization is volunteer-run, donations are still needed to advance the work for the current generation and generations to come.


Human Venture Institute and Human Venture Leadership boards:  Dana Penrice, Natalie Muyres, Blythe Butler, Jason Low, Chris Hsiung, Mark Hopkins, Lindsay Mitchell, Kim Rowe, Alison Hagan and Laura Kennett.

Human Venture Associates:  Along with all the board members who are also associates, Barry Pauw, Eyab Alaini, Elizabeth Dozois, Harold Semenuk, Ian Tomaszewski, and Eleanor Finger. And, of course, Ken Low who continues to give his strength and encouragement to keep exploring!

Laura is a Human Venture Leadership alumnus, Associate, and Human Venture Leadership Board Member. Laura is currently Director, Liquids Pipelines Modernization and Change at Enbridge.