Thank-you: Solstice Fundraiser 2019

Natalie MuyresEvent, Updates

The 2019 Solstice Fundraiser was a great success. Elizabeth Dozois hosted the Calgary group in her home with an incredible charcuterie display and Alison Hagan hosted the Edmonton group with equal holiday spirit. We were video connected! Thank-you to everyone who helped make this event so special. The 2019 Solstice Auction raised a record $5393! Alumni donated 20 items for the auction, including coaching sessions, an original piano composition and even a holiday aboard a 40′ sailboat. Amazing! Thank-you to everyone who donated items and to everyone who bid. This is an important fundraiser for the Human Venture and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Look up to the stars to see the humanity in each of us. Appreciate the immensity of the sky. Imagine when our ancestors looked up to the sky in awe and what they might have thought or felt. The time between the Solstice and the New Year is a time to observe the meaning making of life as one approaches the holiday season. It’s a time to remind ourselves to extend our horizons of caring to all others.

Ken Low, December 20, 2019

Thank-you again to everyone who joined us this year and we look forward to another year of Human Venture explorations and programming.

To support your reflections about our place in the universe, check out this two-part CBC Ideas episode, Finding Meaning in the Universe. A thought provoking interview with astrophysicist Hubert Reeves.