Human Venture Institute & Leadership Launched

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Since our transition out of Volunteer Calgary a few years ago, we have been re-imagining how to be valuable to alumni of Leadership Calgary and Leadership Edmonton, and to a broader community of learners. Along the way, we have created two organizations that are technically separate but linked by common purpose and actively working together.

Human Venture Institute. This non-profit society guides the strategic development of the discipline of Human Learning Ecology. Human Learning Ecology is a framework for understanding the most significant challenges facing our species and what it will take to meet them. The Human Venture Institute exists to build on and extending Ken’s research in this new and exciting field. Board members include: Natalie Muyres, Jason Low, David Low, Carber Goodlet, Ken Low, Dana Penrice, Chris Hsiung, and Blythe Butler.

Human Venture Leadership:  This organization (a registered charity officially known as Leadership Edmonton, but very soon to become Human Venture Leadership) provides programming, opportunities and outlets for building a mutual learning community that supports the study of Human Learning Ecology. Board members include: Dana Penrice, Mark Hopkins, Matt Ishoy, Lindsay Mitchell, Chris Hsiung, Laura Kennett and JP Folz.

Both organizations have names that start with Human Venture. We define the Human Venture as “the collective striving of humanity to develop wisdom”. These names were chosen because a new model for developing wisdom is required. By studying common patterns in human striving, failure and achievement, we understand our species and our challenges deeply. We also discover disciplines that help us innovate, protect life and future generations, and develop wisdom.

The boards of the two organizations have been meeting together for the last several months to re-evaluate our collective impact in the community and to dream about new possibilities. As a result, we are planning some changes to the way we’ve been doing things.

In a nutshell, we are:

  1. changing our delivery structure for first year learners
  2. creating a more structured learning opportunity for alumni to replace Path Finding; one that is more supportive of different levels of learning and engagement, which we are calling the Alumni (Re)Program
  3. expanding our outreach into the larger community with workshops and modules
  4. planning a public conference in 2017

More details about each change will be available shortly!

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