Leadership Calgary & Edmonton Merge

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Exciting times ahead! The Leadership Calgary and Edmonton programs are merging this fall to launch a new charitable non-profit organization called Human Venture Leadership.

The Human Venture Institute (HVI) and Human Venture Leadership (HVL) will be linked by common goals and will operate in collaboration with each other. The purpose of the Human Venture Institute is to inquire into leading edge human and social development, developing the discipline of Human Learning Ecology and generating cultural resources that support adaptive learning in our communities to meet the significant challenges of our times. Human Venture Leadership will introduce individuals in various communities, including Edmonton and Calgary, to the curriculum developed by the Human Venture Institute through leadership programming.

With over 500 alumni in Calgary and 300 alumni in Edmonton, these leadership programs have a large footprint in both communities, influencing the way leaders across sectors approach their life and work. In the words of one participant “Although social innovation is complex and messy, I can see how we can innovate more wisely – by building on and extending the lessons of many generations, across history and disciplines. I am far more thoughtful about understanding the challenges we face and building the partnerships we need to initiate change.”

There are many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the development of our organizations over time. Propellus, the Human Venture Institute, Leadership Edmonton, and Leadership Calgary are deeply grateful to all involved for their persistence and support through the years, and are very proud to introduce the Human Venture Leadership organization.

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