Human Venture Purpose Statement

We aim to support and promote adaptive development in both individuals and socio-cultural environments. Both are necessary to affect change: Socio-cultural environments shape us, effectively telling us what to believe, value, think and do. But those environments are created – so we can’t hope to affect them without developing the capacities of individuals to see, think and care differently. Therefore, our purpose statement is two-fold.

    We exist to create and support a mutual learning community that will generate:

    1. Increasing numbers of increasingly resourceful, resilient, responsible life-ranging human beings with diagnostic and design capabilities for reducing ignorance and error, waste, suffering and injustice at all levels, from individuals to civilization.
    2. The creation of institutions, cultural and societal resources, leaders and ecologies of influence (locally and globally) that support the development and maintenance of systemic-adaptive capacities.

Human Learning Ecology

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