Brief History of Homo Sapiens

Chris Hsiung cuts together Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s HOME, BBC’s Journey of Man, and Ronald Wright’s Short History of Progress. It’s important not because the ideas are original. They are drawn from the Human Venture and from the work of the Action Studies Institute. It is a vivid reminder that we are part of the human race whose history is our history, and whose journey is also our adventure.

TedXCalgarySalon | Original Wisdom | Ken Low

From May 24, 2017 TEDxCalgarySalon "Origins"
As modern humans, we're surrounded by systems of authority and control which can either enable or constrain our attempts to affect positive change in the world around us. Drawing on almost five decades of personal experience, research, and teaching, Ken Low gives us a tantalizing glimpse of his life's work, and how we can start to understand how these adaptive and maladaptive systems need to be understood and improved as part of the human venture.

The Task of Each New Generation | Mark Hopkins

From March 4, 2017 University of Calgary presents The Walrus Talks Nextgen

Mark Hopkins is a theatre artist, community builder, and the co-artistic director of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre, Calgary‘s leading purveyor of site-specific theatre. He’s also associated with the Calgary Foundation, the Centre for Newcomers, and VoteKit Calgary. Mark founded We Should Know Each Other and is deeply involved in Human Venture Leadership, a group that studies patterns in human striving, failure, and achievement to help our species thrive.

The Ecology of Learning | Dana Penrice

From the 2014 TedxCalgary Wilderness

Telling us the story of learning how diverse ecologies transfer resilience to all parts of the same ecology, Dana Penrice explains how this same theory applies to humans learning.

What is the Role of an Elder? | Chris Hsiung

From the 2016 REDx Talks

At the inaugural REDx Talks at the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, Chris Hsiung, director of Elder in the Making, shares what he learned about what a wise elder is.
REDx Talks is a platform for indigenous voices as well as indigenous allies.

Artifacts to Help Explain Human Learning Ecology | Ken Low

From the 2010 TedxCalgary Humanity 3.0: Leadership the world needs now

Ken Low, founder of the Action Studies Institute and a key influence on the Leadership Calgary program of community leadership development, explores how artifacts help to illustrate human learning ecologies.