The “Human Venture Associate” is one role in an ecology of roles that makes up the Human Venture Community.  Associates guide, develop and maintain quality standards in the ongoing exploration, and mapping of Human Learning Ecology.  They participate in a network of fellow associates that support Human Venture pioneering, intelligence gathering, adaptive path review and strategic foresight.

 Associates demonstrate:

  • commitment, desire and motivation to engage in Human Venture path finding and to contribute to the Human Venture purpose statement over years of practice.
  • an ability to draw on and contribute to the human venture, enriching the community’s resource pool.
  • the ability to work with others in a manner that develops a co-responsible, co-active and mutually supportive, resilient community.
  • high levels of trust and responsibility about how to draw on HVI /ASI resources.
  • an ability to see the limitations of personal thinking, learning and action and to independently course correct.
  • a progressive mastery of the Meta-Framework and skills in helping others develop on a mastery path: this is a combination of the individual’s own learning drive and their interest in helping other people learn how to learn.

Commitment 1: Extending our own learning: Cultivate and pursue a learning path designed to prepare us to contribute more effectively to the Human Venture.  

Commitment 2: Supporting the learning of others (including other Associates):  This can take many forms (i.e., please don't interpret this as "doing presentations" or "teaching the MFW");  but one of the forms I would suggest it should take is that we commit to bringing our learnings back to the other Associates so that we can all benefit from each other's explorations. (No real point in having a group if we're not doing this - might as well be mentored by Ken individually. As an added bonus, the process of consolidating our learning to the point where we're able to communicate it to others also helps to serve commitment #1).

Commitment 3: Contributing to the human venture: Contribute to the development of cultural resources, learning processes (e.g., mentoring), strategies, operational capacities, etc. that support adaptive positioning in a life frame (obviously lots of overlap with #1 and 2). 

Commitment 4: Carrying on and extending the work that Ken has started:  This is the purpose of having an Associate's stream - i.e., to cultivate a group of people who are able to carry this work forward in meaningful and disciplined ways. If we can't commit ourselves to that (and the intense learning involved), then we should probably reflect on why we are choosing to be part of the Associates stream. (This isn't a negative judgment - it's just that the other three commitments can be served by being part of the Alumni stream. This is the one that distinguishes Associates, so it serves as a distinguishing criterion for involvement in this group).

2021 / 2022 Human Venture Associates - list to be updated

  • Barry Pauw – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Chris Hsiung – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Dana Penrice – Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada
  • Eyab Alaini – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Elizabeth, Dozois – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Harold Semenuk – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Ian Tomaszewski – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Jason Low – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Kim Rowe – Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
  • Lindsay Mitchell – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Laura Kennett – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Mark Hopkins – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Natalie Muyres – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pay Associate Fee Monthly

Set up a monthly payment of $122.50 plus GST on your credit card or PayPal account. Will recur for 12 months.

Pay Annual Associate Fee in Full

Pay full $1470 plus GST through your credit card or PayPal. If you with to pay by cheque, please mail full amount to 4652 83rd Street Calgary, AB T3B 2R2.