Our families, organizations, communities and societies need leaders who will help us identify and prepare for the most significant threats and opportunities coming our way (especially those challenges that many of us don’t see, understand, or care about yet). This is essentially the function of leadership.

Leaders need capacities that support strategy, innovation, systems thinking, resilience, and ethics in order to address behaviours, policies and processes that perpetuate injustice and harm,  and replace them with ones that support adaptive development. These capacities are discoverable through disciplined investigation – and they can be developed over time. HVI’s Introduction to Adaptive Learning explores the common patterns of thinking, caring, learning and acting involved in developing these capacities, providing maps and tools to prepare for challenging but meaningful life-long learning.

 In our Introduction to Adaptive Learning, you will be introduced to:

  • Key challenges, capacities and requirements associated with adaptive learning
  • Ways the learning process is consistently distorted or derailed
  • Patterns associated with helpful and harmful developments in human and social systems (across cultures, time periods and disciplines)

Join a small class (maximum of 12 people) for a seminar-style introduction to Human Learning Ecology and a theory of human and social development that can help to guide your thinking and ongoing development. This 49-hour intensive is delivered on evenings and weekends, and includes both in-person and online sessions. This class is open to those who want a refresher on the core concepts, and to anyone new to our programs as well.

Lead Facilitator: the program is facilitated by Elizabeth Dozois, a Calgary-based consultant who has been providing research, evaluation and strategic support to the non-profit and public sectors for over 20 years. Elizabeth has a particular interest in supporting adaptive learning in complex and emergent initiatives, and has been working with Human Venture Leadership for over a decade.

For scheduling, tuition, learning outcomes and other details, please see the information below.

Note: Our organization is moving into a research and development phase and we have no immediate plans to offer further introductory programs. Our last scheduled intensive is May/June 2019 – Edmonton.  See schedule below for dates.