2019-20 Alumni Book Clubs in Calgary and Edmonton

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We have alumni book clubs in Calgary and in Edmonton – held on the same night, using the same books, joined together by online meeting software. Huge thanks to hosts Lisa (Calgary) and Laura (Edmonton) for initiating and organizing these events. Books clubs are open to all alumni of Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton, Introduction to Human Venture Leadership, and Integrity … Read More

Human Venture Update: Looking Ahead at the Year to Come

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A Collective Sabbatical The work we are engaged with through the Human Venture Institute and Human Venture Leadership is designed around a developmental logic to increase our ability to manage the species-level challenges. One glance at your news app provides an array of examples of the ecological, social and cultural challenges coming at us. The Human Venture community is supporting … Read More

2018 Report to the Community

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The past year has been an exciting period of development for the Human Venture community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our collective effort to support adaptive learning and wise action to meet the challenges of this period of history we find ourselves in and for future generations.  Read the Report

Solstice Online Fundraising Auction: Dec 16th – 21st

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We have some AMAZING items for our small auction, which will be online and open to the public. Bidding opens on Dec 16 at 9 am MST and closes on Dec 21 at 10 pm MST. Please support our fundraising efforts by bidding on these super cool items, starting Saturday! Items include: an abundant selection of live theatre and event … Read More

2017 Human Venture Community Update

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Learn about new directions and developments in the Human Venture community in 2017. Hear the impact of our work on individuals within our community and learn more about our approach to human and social development. Click to download.

Leading With Integrity

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Integrity Leadership is a program of the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, now in its third year of operation. The program encourages participants to explore the meaning of progress, leadership, disciplined inquiry and ethics, and the relationships between them. The main premise is that we rarely notice how our values are formed and acted upon. Though we may believe in … Read More

Solstice Reflection

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by Ken Low The solstice season is here again: one of two seasonal turning points in our 940 million kilometer journey around the sun. Solstice holiday celebrations, like most cultural traditions, contain a mix of meanings from superficial to profound. Ideological, commercial and entertainment interests harness the season for their own limited purposes, but the opportunity to search out deeper … Read More

Human Venture Institute & Leadership Launched

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Since our transition out of Volunteer Calgary a few years ago, we have been re-imagining how to be valuable to alumni of Leadership Calgary and Leadership Edmonton, and to a broader community of learners. Along the way, we have created two organizations that are technically separate but linked by common purpose and actively working together. Human Venture Institute. This non-profit society … Read More

Leadership Calgary & Edmonton Merge

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Exciting times ahead! The Leadership Calgary and Edmonton programs are merging this fall to launch a new charitable non-profit organization called Human Venture Leadership. The Human Venture Institute (HVI) and Human Venture Leadership (HVL) will be linked by common goals and will operate in collaboration with each other. The purpose of the Human Venture Institute is to inquire into leading edge human and social development, developing the … Read More