Part 2: Strategy, Grand Strategy, and Values

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by Nick Kalogirou This is Part 2 of a series. Part 1: Pursuing Responsible Analytics. What is strategy? Strategy is derived from the Greek word “strategos” – the skill of a general. In a military context, a general is trying to achieve a goal while being surrounded by the fog of war (ignorance). Not only is the general trying to … Read More

Complexity Shock, Finding Patterns, and Adapting

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by Laura Kennett and Eleanor Finger Introduction What a year! Full of disruption and adaptation, over and over again. If this sounds like a pattern, then you are correct. Although life is full of patterns, the emergence of COVID-19 has given us an excellent opportunity to hone our pattern recognition skills.  Large-scale, sustained and rapidly spreading global “shocks” like the pandemic trigger a … Read More

Part 1: Pursuing Responsible Analytics

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by Nick Kalogirou Analytics and strategy help us navigate the fog of war, but don’t necessarily make us responsible or wise. The ascendance of analytics and its importance in strategy today is truly remarkable. One only needs to admire the seemingly simple act of a Google search to marvel at how analytics is affecting our ability to adapt and learn. … Read More

Recommended Reading: 2020 Book List

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The Human Venture publishes a list of books annually. The list of books includes those that were either drawn on in 2020 to support our on-going explorations and programming or were acquired in recognition that they filled a gap and could be useful in the future. The Human Venture community has read all of the books on this list and … Read More

2020 Solstice Message

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by Jason Low It’s amazing to think that Ken has been with the Human Venture community for 20 years now. With that in mind, he wanted to share something that happened around this last Remembrance Day 2020 that overlaps with the solstice season. As usual, Ken had a book that he was going to recommend during one of the bi-weekly … Read More

DEC 21: 2020 Human Venture Solstice Celebration

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Join us! December 21 at 7:30PM MT The Human Venture will be hosting our annual solstice event online on Monday, December 21 at 7:30PM MT.  Feeling the need to reflect on the deeper meaning of this time of year? Need a reminder, especially in this crazy year, of the human journey that we are all a part of? Hear a solstice message … Read More

Network Governance as an Empowerment Tool

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by Blythe Butler and Sami Berger One of the functions of pioneer leadership is to build others’ capacity to understand and act in their contexts in more adaptive ways. This means helping others see “what to do and how to do it in a given situation” (Human Venture map 12.3). Even though we work with a lot of different groups, … Read More

U.S. Election Workshop

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Whether you have been closely following what’s happening for our neighbours in the south, or just catching a glance here and there (perhaps followed by a cringe), this workshop is for you. In pre- and post-election workshops, we will take a Human Learning Ecology approach to exploring what has led up to this moment in time and what could be … Read More

Human Venture Parenting

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HVI Parenting Community Check-in Come. Share your struggles. Share your joys. Hear other community members in their own journey of meaning making through parenting or supporting children. Whether parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, teacher, nanny, babysitter we wanted to provide a space to connect, and build a community of support for HVI community members involved in any kind of relationship with … Read More

2020 – 2021 Book Online Club

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We are offering online book clubs hosted by Lisa Amonson and Laura Kennett. Books clubs are open to all alumni of Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton, Introduction to Human Venture Leadership, and Integrity Leadership, and their guests. An hour will be focused on the recommended reading and 30 minutes will be dedicated to talking about any promising resources people have found … Read More