Systemic-adaptive learning is central to strategy, innovation, development and prevention, and is therefore a critical competency for leaders and social change agents. In our Introduction to Adaptive Learning, you will be introduced to:

· Key challenges, capacities and requirements associated with systemic-adaptive learning

· Ways the learning process is consistently distorted or derailed

· How we’re programmed as human beings, and how this impacts our ability to learn

· Patterns associated with adaptive and maladaptive developments in human and social systems (across cultures, time periods and disciplines)

· The leading edge of human and social development – where we need to be headed, and why

Join a small class (maximum of 12 people) for a seminar-style introduction to Human Learning Ecology and a theory of human and social development that can help to guide your social change efforts. This 49-hour intensive is delivered on evenings and weekends, and includes both in-person and online sessions. This class is open to those who want a refresher on the core concepts, and to anyone new to our programs as well.

Lead Facilitator: the program is facilitated by Elizabeth Dozois, a Calgary-based consultant who has been providing research, evaluation and strategic support to the non-profit and public sectors for over 20 years. Elizabeth has a particular interest in supporting adaptive learning in complex and emergent initiatives, and has been working with Human Venture Leadership for over a decade.

For scheduling, tuition, learning outcomes and other details, please see the information below.