2017-2018 Alumni Program

The alumni program continues and extends the first year program. It is open to alumni of Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton or the Human Venture Introductory Intensive Workshop who want to build capacity for assessing, integrating and creating high quality resources, at all levels. Guides will support participants in a learning circle structure. For both guide and participant, the learning circles are an effective way of engaging with the material and building a supportive learning community.

Course Description

The class will work on assessing and exploring the leading edge in various disciplines or lines of inquiry. By making time for this research and sharing information with others who are also exploring the same territory, participants will develop the necessary supports to sustain them and to facilitate an ongoing process of strategic learning and development. Participants can tailor their learning to apply to their life situations. Although this type of learning requires a sustained commitment to integrate initially, with ongoing nurturing it becomes part of how participants naturally attend to the information around them.

Program Team Positions

If you have kept up with the formal programs in the last three years, and are ready for a challenge, we would like to give you an opportunity to join the program team, designing and delivering the curriculum for the year. This is an intensive learning opportunity well suited for those who are interested in moving towards an associate designation. Distance learners can participate on the program team via our distance learning technology.

The program team will meet from 6:30 – 9 pm on Tuesday, July 25, August 29, and September 26 in preparation for the launch of the program. In July, we’ll share our ideas for the approach to the 2017-2018 program. We’ll review some of our design principles, and begin to plan the opening session, the support structures and the learning assignment for the year.

Please indicate your interest for the program team when you sign up for the program! Program team are requested to register by July 15. Please block the meeting dates in your calendar.

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